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  • What do I do if my mailbox is damaged or in need of total replacement?
    Mailboxes are the responsibility of the homeowner and must be the same style and material. These may be purchased at Copper Sculptures in Flowood, MS. Their information can be found at
  • I want to update the exterior of my house (paint, put up a fence, or any addition), what do I need to do?"
    Please fill out an "Architectural Change Request" form that can be found under "Document and Forms" on our website.
  • Can I have a party at the pool?
    Parties are not allowed. However, homeowners can have up to 3 guests and must have a working pool fob.
  • Who do I contact about cars habitually parking on the street that are a violation of City ordinance or a hazard?
    Please contact police dispatch at 601-924-5252.
  • How do I report a covenant violation?
    Covenant violations can be reported at under "Documents and Forms".
  • When is the pool open?
    Weather permitting, the pool is open mid-March to mid-October, Tuesday through Sunday from 6:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.
  • Who do I contact to purchase a pool fob to gain access to the pool?
    Please contact Mrs. Smith at
  • Can we fish in the ponds here at Bruenburg?
    Only residents are allowed to fish in Bruenburg and must access ponds through proper easements.
  • How much are the HOA fees and how can I pay them?
    The amount can be found under the "Pay Fees" on the website. You may pay your fees on the web site or make a payment by mail.
  • Who do I contact about street lights that are not working properly?
    Please contact Entergy at
  • Where can I find a copy of the Bruenburg's covenant, bylaws, and rules/regulations?"
    All documents regarding Bruenburg's HOA may be found at by clicking "Documents and Forms.
  • To report issues with city infrastructure related to streets, water, sewer, garbage, recycling, mowing, litter, potholes, traffic signals, and other matters, please complete the online form below with as much detail as possible. Your submission will be emailed directly to the department head."
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