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Bruenburg Buzz: January 2023

Friendly reminders:

*HOA fees are due now $250 you can pay on line or through the mail... go to and click on pay fee or mail to

Community Bank

Attn. Bruenburg HOA

200 E. Government St.

Brandon Ms. 39042

* If you have a storm drain in front of your home, please help keep it clean of leaves and debris so that the water will drain properly during heavy storms.

* We had a tree/ power line fall behind the pool... the city and Entergy are in the process of repair and clean up.

* Hopefully they will begin repairing the pool so that it is ready for our next pool season. ( I will stay on top of this)

* Please be mindful of your speed throughout the neighborhood.

* Please go the correct way at the round about by the pool.

*Please do not park cars on the road for a long period of time.

Remember, if you have any questions, comments or concerns , please reach out to our management company.

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