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Bruenburg Buzz: October 2022

* We had a productive yearly HOA meeting. Thank you to those who came, zoomed, and mailed their proxy in.

Here are a few updates and reminders:

  • The pool will close for the season Monday Oct. 24th … we’ve had a great summer!!

  • Watch for phase 2 of pool repairs: we will replaster and repaint the pool, fix broken ladders, get the lights working for night swimming, and fill in the grout that has washed away.

  • Please do not throw yard/ tree debris in our creeks, common areas, or green spaces. We need to keep them clean to help prevent flooding. We have had to clean Cowles Creek due to debris that was placed back there. Please contact the city and they will work with you on collecting large piles of debris.

  • Please be mindful of dead trees/ limbs on your tree. Please remove them if possible.

  • Please do not park cars on the street daily/ weekly. This is causing a hazard for other neighbors. This is in our covenants and it’s against city ordinances. CPD is patrolling and watching for cars that constantly park on the street.

  • Please be mindful of speeding and going the wrong way at the pool roundabout. CPD is aware and are patrolling more in our neighborhood.

  • Please be sure to get your yard of the month nominations in.

  • We will kick food trucks off in March. Thanks for supporting them each month.

  • You will see an increase in our HOA dues… they will go from $460 to $500 a year…$250 January 1st and $250 July 1st … due to increase in utilities, supplies and the cost of maintenance. Dues have not gone up in over 10 years.

If you have and comments, concerns or thoughts, please reach out to our management company at

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