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Bruenburg Litigation Update

Bruenburg Property Owners Association, Inc.

Update - December 31, 2019

Dear Homeowners;

As a litigation update, the Defendants have now each filed responsive pleadings. Discovery has commenced and is ongoing; motions for judgment are being drafted and a court hearing is forthcoming.

Our attorneys are working in connection with other law firms to seek every available civil remedy at law to recover the missing funds. Based upon information and belief, criminal charges are likely. Criminal restitution is a critical component of the recovery process.

Below please find answers to commonly asked questions:

Did the judge reinstate freezing the Defendants’ assets?

Yes. The court converted its temporary restraining order into a preliminary injunction. This order, among other things, froze all bank accounts, assets, real and personal property of Ridgway, Lane & Associates, Inc., David L. Lane, David W. Lane, and all principals, owners, employees or agents of Ridgway, Lane & Associates, Inc. The defendants are restrained, prohibited, and precluded from moving or transferring any accounts or assets.

Would/could they reverse their attempts to protect their interest by signing their property over to their wives' names? (heard this on the news).

Doing so is, at a minimum, fraud and civil contempt of the Rankin County Circuit Court’s injunction.

Were we able to obtain a loan to pay off our creditors?

With stewardship over remaining resources and timely payment of the January 2020 assessment by homeowners, the Association has been (to this point) able to keep its creditor accounts current, without requiring additional lines of credit. The credit application process remains available to the Association as needed.

Are there still outstanding debts? How much?

Currently there are several 1st quarter monthly expenses which are due, but that the Association is awaiting deposit of January 2020 homeowner assessment payments in order to pay. Last year’s actual budget exceeded $174,000.00 with nearly $120,000.00 of that going to maintenance expenses (repairs, landscape and pool, etc.). Last year’s actual revenue was approximately $160,000.00. Management intends to balance the budget, maximize revenue and carefully monitor costs. Ultimately the goal is to build up a reserve fund/savings account

for careful investment in the long-term health and growth of the Association.

When is the next board meeting, and will there be an announcement for all property owners to attend so we can get some answers? Where are they held? Date and time?

The Annual Membership Meeting has been held in the 4th quarter of the year, generally in October. General Board meetings are typically set on an as-needed basis by collective board member input as to dates, times and frequency, as well as the preparation of an agenda and notification to the membership.

Any specific questions may still be routed through Bellinder Law Firm, at (601) 487-9340 or

The Association appreciates the patience and assistance of each homeowner during this time.

*Please note that the e-payment function on may not be functioning on the day you receive this message and your January Assessment notice. The link is in the process of being set up by a third-party vendor and should be complete shortly. We appreciate your patience regarding any delay this may cause, if you choose to utilize this payment method.

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