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Flushing Of Non-Flushable Items Causing Sewage Back-Up Within The Bruenburg Sewage System

Dear Homeowners and Residents,

Phillip Lilley, Public Works Director for the City of Clinton, has informed the Board that someone within the neighborhood is flushing dog feces bags down their toilet and that it is causing the sewage system in the neighborhood to become clogged and is backing up. If this continues, residents of Bruenburg could have sewage start to back-up into their homes.

To prevent possible future damage to resident’s homes, a list of non-flushable items is as follows:

• Diapers and baby wipes, even those labeled "flushable"

• Tampons and sanitary pads, personal care wipes

• Cleaning/disinfecting wipes and disposable toilet brushes

• Paper towels and napkins (paper or cloth)

• "Disposable" contact lenses

• Cigarette butts

• Dental floss and toothpicks

• Cat litter or animal waste

• Toys, or anything made of plastic, including plastic coffee stirrers

• Fats, oils, and grease

• Egg shells, nutshells, and coffee grounds

• Hair

• Vitamins, medicines, or other pharmaceuticals

Please, immediately cease and desist from disposing of dog feces bags in this manner and respect the list on non-flushable items and dispose of them properly.

Warmest Regards,

Thomas J. Bellinder, Esq.

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