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May 25 Bruenburg Buzz


* The pool is open and ready for swimmers!

Pool Hours:

Monday: Closed

Tuesday-Sunday: 6:00-9:00

No parties are allowed and only 3 guests per pool fob.

If you need to purchase a pool fob, please contact

*With school being out, please be mindful of speeding, running stop signs, and going the wrong way at the pool roundabout...

CPD will patrol our neighborhood to bring heightened awareness.

*We had all the gas lights cleaned, relit, and painted.

*We had the irrigation repaired throughout the neighborhood.

* We had a new fence put up at the pool and the pump area.

* We are looking to purchase more tables for the pool.

* We will enclose the pump area with a wood fence in the near future.

* Food trucks have been a huge success!!

We have several lined up for June and July.. the 2nd Tuesday of each month. Watch for details...

* We have lots of new neighbors, be sure to welcome them to the neighborhood.

* Congratulations to the Yard of the Month winners:

114 Thornwood

124 Salus Bend

110 Stonebridge

Please be sure to get your Yard of the Month nominations in!

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