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Report a Nuisance Property

Unkempt property in the City of Clinton contributes to blight and crime while also driving down the property values of our neighborhoods and businesses. Help the city of Clinton protect property values and your quality of life by reporting nuisance properties. Anonymously report nuisance, unkempt and neglected properties in the city of Clinton using the form on the link below.

What is the City looking for?

Prohibited Vehicle Parking/Storage

No vehicle shall be parked or stored in any front yard or side yard within any residential zoned district, except within a garage, carport, apron or driveway.

Garages & Carports

Garages used for the accumulation or storage of personal property that are unsightly and when viewed from outside the property, shall be kept closed except during ingress and egress.

Garbage & Refuse

Garbage or refuse containers shall be stored behind the front line of the building and shall not be visible from the street, except when placed for collection. Garbage or refuse containers shall be returned to the storage location not later than 8:00am the day following collection.

Condition of Buildings

The existence of any of the following conditions on buildings, accessory structures, or property, where same has an adverse impact on safety, health, environment, aesthetics or property values of properties in the near vicinity as a result of being visible from outside the property, is declared to be a nuisance.

* Broken windows

* Window shutters that are damaged or not secured properly

* Rain gutters and down spouts that are rusted, sagging, or improperly fastened

* A roof with missing or deteriorated roofing materials such that repair or replacement is required

* Any garage door that is inoperable, broken, sagging, lacking paint or missing visible parts or materials

* Any driveway that is deteriorated, crumbling, weed-infested, or lacks adequate covering of asphalt, brick, or concrete, stone, gravel or is missing portions thereof

* Exterior light fixtures in need of repair or replacement

* Exterior light fixtures that shine directly toward adjacent property (with the exception of front entrance general illumination lights)

* Exterior walls that have exposed, rotten, or deteriorated materials

* Screens on doors or windows that are torn or in need of repair or replacement

* Stairs or railings affixed to the exterior of buildings that are in need of repair or replacement

* Excessive scaling, peeling or flaking paint

* Excessive mildew or mold.

* Property damaged or destroyed by fire or acts of nature that has not been demolished or repairs begin within three months. Debris or refuse from fires or acts of nature remaining on property for three months

* Torn or ripped window awnings

* Inadequately secured antennas

* Damaged, rotted, or decayed mailboxes or mailbox posts

* Graffiti

* Construction projects that are on-going for more than twelve months (Exception: Construction projects with a valid building permit may request a time extension due to extenuating circumstances, such as natural disasters.)

* Scattered building or repair material in a yard

* Storage of construction, repair or maintenance material or equipment on a premises that is not to be used on the premises

* Construction debris and refuse remaining on property for thirty days

* Lumber or construction materials (excluding materials for a construction project on the property with a current valid permit), salvage items (junk), including but not limited to auto parts, scrap metals, tires, and the like stored on property in excess of seventy-two hours

* Missing bricks on exterior walls and chimneys

* Windows, doors, or building exteriors covered with but not limited to, aluminum foil, cardboard, plywood, or plastic, except during construction or pending permanent repairs

* Lawn areas that are not properly planted and maintained to prevent erosion, excessive dust, or the accumulation of water and mud.

* Building or repair material and building, maintenance, or repair equipment stored for thirty days

* Piles of dirt, sand, gravel, rock, mulch in excess of fourteen (14) days

* Scattered or rotted firewood

* Wheel barrows, lawnmowers, or garden and lawn materials and equipment if visible from the street in excess of a twenty-four hour period

* Erosion caused by lack of ground cover, resulting in dirt accumulation on sidewalks, streets, or adjacent properties

* Discarded garbage, rubbish, refuse, or recyclable items that have not been collected within seven days of being deposited on the property and that remain thereon

* Oil, grease, paint, other petroleum products, hazardous materials, volatile chemicals, pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, or waste (solid, liquid, or gaseous) that is determined to constitute a fire or environmental hazard, or to be detrimental to human life, health, or safety.

The above listed items are not intended to be all inclusive. Learn more about compliance...

Report a nuisance property (you may remain anonymous) by calling 601-924-2256 or by filling out the form found at

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